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Arm Lift

Approximate Length of Stay
4~5 Nights
Hospital Stay
1 Day
Operation Duration
3 Hours
General Anesthesia
Approximate Recovery
1~2 Weeks


Despite being healthy and fit , you feel that your skin has lost its elasticity or you are not getting any results from days of dieting. It may be because you might be getting only one outcome: Hanging loose skin on your upper arms. The extra skin and fat on the arms may be a source of decreased movement, irritation, or an inability to dress as your like. Or you might not be facing these challenges but simply desire to have your arms look the way they did in your younger days. For people looking to get toned arms, arm lift surgery is an option.


Also called Brachioplasty, this cosmetic procedure aims to improve the part underneath the upper arm by enhancing its appearance. In this technique, the extra fat and skin from underneath the elbow and armpit are removed. The rest of the skin is stretched over the freshly repositioned shape to form a toned-looking appearance of the arm.


The hanging loose skin of the upper arm may not be the problem of only those maintaining weight. With the age, the elasticity of the skin is lost, and left behind is loose and sagging skin forming extra bags beneath the arms. If your weight fluctuates or you have lost a significant amount of weight recently, you are likely to observe this in your arm. In such circumstances, an arm lift can help to create a better shape of the arm because this technique clears out the sagging and extra skin and fat deposits that runs the length of the arm from armpit to elbow.


The procedure is carried out either under general or local anesthesia and your doctor will decide the best choice for you. The places where cuts need to be made are marked on the arm. An arm lift can be performed in several ways but the most frequently used method includes making cuts at the back or inside the arm. Another method includes a cut made at the armpit or one that runs the length of the arm from the armpit to the elbow.

With the help of the marks, the underlying tissues are tightened or reshaped in the upper arm. Your skin is then pulled over these tightened tissues and the wounds are closed with surgical stitches. In the circumstances, if there is an extra fat deposit making full healing difficult, liposuction can be used simultaneously to suck the extra fat. It usually takes up to three hours to carry out this procedure.


The most frequently observed risk with arm lift surgery is scarring because the incision scars are permanent but your doctor will make these cuts in such places usually concealed. During the process of healing, there might be some asymmetry observed in the arm. Sensory nerves of the skin can get affected during the surgery changing the sensations of the skin. Other risks like any other surgery include infection, bleeding, or reaction to anesthesia.

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