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Breast Reduction

Approximate Length of Stay
5 Nights
Hospital Stay
1 Day
Operation Duration
1~2 Hours
General Anesthesia
Approximate Recovery
1~2 Weeks


The development of breasts takes place throughout the life of a woman. Large breasts are considered by some women to be cosmetic assets but a lot of discomforts and neck and back pain can result from large breasts as well. To increase mobility and reduce discomfort, breast reduction surgery can be a solution.


Reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure in which extra skin, glandular tissues, and fat are removed from the breast to give them a perkier look. The procedure aims to give a proportion to the breast size according to your body.


The large size of breasts can become a cause of pain in the back, shoulder, and neck. Also, doing physical activities and exercise becomes difficult with large breasts because their weight can restrict the ability of women to carry on with an active life. Emotional and health problems can develop in women with overly large-sized breasts because some women feel extra self-conscious due to their breast size. In addition to pain and discomfort, irritation may occur in the crease beneath the breasts.

Breast reduction can be recommended for those men as well who have developed gynecomastia in which the breast tissues become enlarged because of high estrogen levels. With the help of breast reduction surgery, people can improve their mental as well as physical well-being.


The procedure of breast reduction is performed by giving general anesthesia. During the surgery, your nipple is moved to the new position, extra skin, glandular tissues, and fat deposits are removed and the remaining breast tissues are reshaped. During the whole procedure, the nerve and blood supply of the nipple remains attached. But in the case of very heavy and large breasts, a ‘free nipple graft’ may be required. Your doctor will remove the nipple and position it higher on the breast. The procedure can take up to two to three hours based on the degree of breast reduction and you may need to spend a minimum of two nights in the hospital.


Out of a few methods of surgery, your doctor may choose one method according to the size and shape of your breast, the amount of tissue that needs to be removed, and your desired look after surgery.

  • Liposuction

    The procedure involves making an incision on the skin of the breast and using a cannula connected to a vacuum to pull out the fluid and fat deposits from the breast. This method works best for those who need a small reduction and their skin can snap back to its original place.

  • Lollipop

    Recommended for moderate reductions in breast and noticeable sagging, this method involves making two cuts on the breast through which extra fat deposits and tissues are removed to lift and reshape the breast. One cut is made around the areola and one is made vertically down running towards the breast crease from the areola.

  • Anchor

    Recommended for large reductions in breasts and with uneven and very sagging breasts, this method involves making three cuts through which extra fat and tissues are removed.

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