Breast Uplift

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Breast Uplift

Approximate Length of Stay
5 Nights
Hospital Stay
1 Day
Operation Duration
1~2 Hours
General Anesthesia
Approximate Recovery
1~2 Weeks


Motherhood is often followed by sagging breasts as nursing along with gravitational force takes its toll on the firmness of breasts. Due to pregnancy and swelling of the breasts with milk, the skin of the breasts stretches and the fibrous bands break down. These fibrous bands are responsible for supporting the shape of the breasts. As the breasts shrink, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, gravity pulls down the unsupported breasts resting on the extended skin. The same effect can also be observed if you have gained weight and then lost it. Also, the aging process has similar results and this is why the appearance of droopy breasts is not liked by women and they can opt for breast uplift surgery.


Mastopexy or breast uplift is a surgical cosmetic procedure in which loose and extra skin are removed from the breasts to reshape and lift them to give a more youthful appearance.


Different incision techniques are used for performing breast uplift surgery and the choice of technique depends on the existing tissues of your breast, the extra skin that needs to be removed, and your personal goals. The technique with optimal results with the least chances of scaring is often chosen.

  • Crescent Lift

    This technique is used if you have very less droopy breasts. In this technique, the cut is made in a crescent shape around the top of the areola. This technique results in minimal scarring and it is often used in conjugation with breast augmentation.This technique is rarely used and mostly for women with less sagging breasts.

  • Donut or Peri-Aerola Lift

    If you are experiencing very mild sagging of the breasts then you are a good candidate for this technique. In this technique, the cut is made all around the areola resembling a donut, and similar to a crescent lift, this technique is usually performed in combination with breast augmentation. The donut lift effectively decreases the size of the areola with the scar running the areola’s perimeter.

  • Lollipop or Vertical Lift

    This is a frequently used technique and involves making two cuts, one around the edge of the areola and the second vertically down running from the areola to the crease of the breast. This technique allows the removal of extra skin from the breast and reshaping the breast while hiding the scars modestly. A lollipop lift is suitable for you if you have moderate sagging breasts and you do not want to go breast implant.

  • Anchor or Inverted T Lift

    This technique will give the best results if you have pendulous and sagging breasts as this technique allow the removal of skin and loose tissues in significant amounts. Three cuts are made in this technique. The first cut is made around the areola’s perimeter. The second cut is made vertically running down from the areola to the crease of the breast and the final cut is made along the crease of the breast horizontally. It is often used with breast reduction technique in women with severe sagging and re4sults in maximum scaring that can fade if care is taken properly.

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