Eyelid in Turkey


     Eyelid problems are present in many individuals which can be painful, results in limited vision and their appearance can be affected. Such eyelid problems may include a condition called ptosis in which  eyelids become droopy, there could be extra skin on the eyelid or inward or outward turning of the eyelid. Fortunately, many eyelid problems can be treated by ophthalmologists with the help of surgery.


   Primarily, people seeking anti-aging treatment are usually good candidates for eyelid surgery because with age, the muscles supporting eyelids become weak and stretch the eyelid. Due to this, the fat deposits under and above the eyelids increase resulting in sagging of the eyelid skin, upper lids becoming droopy, and bags appearing under the eyes. Although sagging of skin with age is a natural process but a person may need to consider eyelid surgery if it becomes bothersome for them.

   Eyelid surgery does not only fulfill the cosmetic purpose; it goes beyond it. If sagging skin of eyelids starts affecting the vision, especially when the outer and upper field of vision is disturbed, such a person can be a good candidate for eyelid surgery.



   The condition in which one of the upper eyelids of both of them droop is known as ptosis. Due to this condition, straight-ahead (central)or side (peripheral) vision can become limited. Ptosis in one eye may give your face an uneven look and you may look tired if you have ptosis in both the eyes.

 In a ptosis correction surgery, upper eyelids are lifted. The eyelid muscles are manipulated in this procedure that becomes weak with age. Externally, excess skin and fat can also be trimmed as well. Without making any incision, ptosis correction can be done internally.


The skin of the eyelid is very delicate and thin. Over time, the eyelid skin has a tendency to stretch. Sometimes, excess skin over the eyelid develops due to too much stretching of eyelid skin. Your side vision will be limited when the upper eyelid has excess skin. “Bags” appear under the eyes when the skin stretches of the lower eyelid.

Blepharoplasty is a procedure in which the excess skin from the eyelid is removed. Simultaneously, the fatty tissues around the eyelids can be removed as well, and also the tissues and muscles can be tightened during the procedure. The surgery helps to clearly define the area surrounding the eye and the eyelid. With the help of this surgery, eyes appear to be more alert and less tired.

Entropion/Ectropian Repair

If ectropion/entropion is due to aging and relaxation of muscles and ligaments, a small part of the eyelid is removed to tighten the muscles and tendons

If ectropion/entropion is due to any injury or scarring, a skin or mucus membrane graft is used. In case of ectropion the graft is taken from behind the ear or upper eyelid to support the lower eyelid. In case of entropion, the graft is taken from the nasal passage or mouth.


Usually, the doctors perform eyelid surgery as an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the eyes. Although complications are rare in eyelid surgery, one may experience a reaction to anesthesia, infection, or hematoma.