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Gallbladder Removal

After gastric sleeve surgery, the gallbladder is frequently removed. It's true that having your gallbladder removed can improve your health.

What are Gallbladder and Gallstones?

The gallbladder is a relatively little organ that is situated in the right upper belly, next to the liver. Its function is to gather bile and store it so that the gallbladder can use it to assist the liver in breaking down fatty and high-cholesterol diets.

Gallstones are relatively frequent in the general population, but they are particularly common in obese people and those who tend to lose weight quickly.

Gallstones are not the only issue, though; occasionally the gallbladder becomes inflamed or infected, necessitating its surgical removal.

The Connection Between a Gastric Sleeve and a Gallbladder

Problems with the gallbladder are one of the common health issues that obese persons experience. An excessive amount of fat and cholesterol from a high-calorie diet can strain various bodily functions and cause cholesterol to accumulate in the liver and gallbladder.

By assisting obese patients in losing weight, gastric sleeve surgery serves to shield them against a variety of obesity-related health issues, including serious gallbladder issues. Ironically, a quarter of those who undergo weight-reduction surgery experience gallbladder problems as a result of the quick weight loss.

Indications of Gallbladder Issues

If you are having a gastric sleeve or another type of weight loss surgery, you should be aware of the symptoms and indicators of gallbladder illness.

In most cases, the main symptom will be a feeling of discomfort in the upper right abdomen region after a meal that is heavy in fat, spice, or cholesterol. Other signs that go along with eating these foods or experiencing gallstone discomfort include:

  • Nausea

  • Gas \ Indigestion

  • Vomiting

  • Upper right shoulder discomfort


The National Library of Medicine (NCBI), the medical health authority of United States government, states in its article that Gallbladder Removal technique during Bariatric Surgeries can be performed safely in morbidly obese patients, with low resultant morbidity and acceptable operation times.

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