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Approximate Length of Stay
5 Nights
Hospital Stay
1 Day
Operation Duration
1~2 Hours
General Anesthesia
Approximate Recovery
1~2 Weeks


The condition in which the gland tissues of the breast increase in men resulting in enlargement and overdevelopment of breasts in men is knowns as gynecomastia. This condition can occur at any stage of life be it childhood, adolescence, or above sixty years of age. Gynecomastia in men can occur because of medication or hormonal changes. Quite often, there is no need for the treatment of gynecomastia.

But if the condition is affecting the person’s self-esteem for cosmetic reasons and becoming a reason behind withdrawal from social activities, treatment becomes necessary. The distinguishing characteristics of gynecomastia include localized extra fat, extra development of glandular tissues, in some cases extra skin of the breasts. The condition can manifest in one or both breasts.


The development of breasts is not in the same way in men as it happens in women but a little quantity of breasts tissues is present in boys when they are born. The sexual growth of men is guided by the hormone testosterone which is the main male hormone. But men also produce estrogen which is the main female hormone in women. Sometimes, the hormonal balance changes in growing boys during puberty when they produce less testosterone.

When this happens, the breast tissues swell due to the high level of estrogen in men. Almost fifty percent of adolescent boys and about two-thirds of men aging above fifty years will suffer from this to some extent. The boys and men going through this condition have pain in their breasts and feel embarrassed. Surgery for male breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty gives such men and boys an opportunity to freely participate in public activities without feeling ashamed.


Gynecomastia surgery is best for those men who are not able to gain positive results from alternative treatment. Those men who have specific goals and a positive attitude to improve their physical symptoms of the condition and are not satisfied with their enlarged breasts can choose this surgery. Gynecomastia surgery can be performed in men who are not suffering from any medical condition or life-threatening disease, are non-smokers, physically healthy, and have normal weight.


Surgery can be beneficial for adolescents but there might need for secondary measures in the future if the breasts continue to grow. Usually, men seeking gynecomastia surgery complain of lumps in the breasts that could be with or without extra deposits of fat in the breasts. Usually, the surgery for the removal of extra and swollen breast tissues includes liposuction, excision, or a combination of both.

Liposuction:Liposuction involves sucking out the extra fat deposits by first dissolving them and then pulling the liquefied fat with the help of a cannula. A cannula is inserted by making cuts on the skin which can form small and discrete scars. This method is best for those men who have mild to moderate extra fat tissues as opposed to glandular tissues without sagging breast skin.

Excision:This technique is used in men suffering from moderate to severe breast enlargement. In this method, extra tissues and skin of the breast are cut off directly and the nipple and areola are repositioned.


You will need an average of one to two weeks initially to recover from gynecomastia surgery. Your doctor at Hermes Clinic will recommend you to be easy on yourself and avoid vigorous physical activities so that your wounds heal and avoid any complications. Your doctor at Hermes Clinic will give you a compression vest to wear to aid in the retraction of the skin and for the prevention of fluid buildup. You might experience some swelling and bruise during this period.

After two weeks, you will be able to go do some of your normal activities such as light exercise and can return to work. However, your doctor at Hermes Clinic will provide you with specific instructions according to your unique case. The expert staff at Hermes Clinic always prioritize your comfort and safety at the facility. Our experienced doctors ensure that you recover fully and achieve your desired goals, making Hermes Clinics the best option in Turkey to reach satisfactory gynecomastia surgery.

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