How Does it Work

  • First Contact

    You can get in touch with our medical consultants through one of our platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Website. You will get a reply by our team right away.

  • Free Consultation and Treatment Plan

    Your private medical consultant will contact you to clarify your questions and address your concerns surrounding your procedure. You will be asked details regarding your medical background and pictures of your treatment areas if necessary. Your personalized treatment plan will be designed by our doctors in accordance with your medical background and personal expectations. You will have a chance to ask all your questions and discuss further about our all inclusive packages and prices.

  • Proceed with Booking

    After discussing every single detail, you will be guided by your private medical consultant about how to proceed with your treatment and setting up your appointment date.

  • Make Your Trip

    After completing your deposit payment, our patient services team will be guiding you in preparing your journey and make all required arrangements prior to your trip such as your flights, VIP transfers, hotel and hospital reservation. During this process, you can focus on your journey here and the rest will be managed by our team. You will be provided with all the necessary information about pre-op and post-op period.

  • The Treatment Days

    Upon your arrival at the airport in Turkey, your VIP transfer car will be available to transport you to your place of accommodation, the hospital or the hotel. All of the necessary tests and examinations will be performed before the surgery. The day of surgery includes accompaniment by professional clinical staff official to the hospital. During this time, you will meet freely with your doctor prior to the procedure. Ask your medical practitioner questions and feel at ease that your best interests are upheld. Once the consultation is completed, staff will prepare you for the surgery. Once the surgery is completed, you will spend the necessary number of nights for your personalized case to recover in the hospital. Once the time to return comes, we will say our goodbyes and hope to see you again in the future.

  • Aftercare

    From that moment, we will be 7/24 by your side, support you through life time consultation. We will monitor your healing process and let you know with the expert opinion of our professional surgeons.

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