Rhinoplasty in Turkey

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Rhinoplasty – Everything You Need To Know

Rhinoplasty has become the most popular surgery because of such great advancement and technology. It changes the appearance of the nose. If you are not happy with your nose or you are having any breathing issues or deformities go for rhinoplasty and get yourself an appealing nose.

It is a permanent treatment for all the issues of your nose but you need a specialized doctor and the whole procedure should be handled with care.

This is why we bring you this article to help you be aware of EVERYTHING about rhinoplasty!

Approximate Length of Stay
6~7 Nights

Hospital Stay
1 Day

Operation Duration
2~3 Hours

General Anesthesia

Approximate Recovery
2~3 Weeks

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a “Nose job”. It is not only performed for aesthetic purposes but also medical reasons. In rhinoplasty, the structure and appearance of the nose are altered while preserving and enhancing the airway.

If you are not happy with your nose or you are having any breathing issues or deformities go for rhinoplasty and get yourself an appealing nose. It can change the size, shape, angle, volume of your nose.

Rhinoplasty is performed to correct deformity due to some injury, birth defect, or improve breathing difficulty.

Techniques of Rhinoplasty

Following are the most popular techniques of rhinoplasty that are performed frequently;

  • Closed rhinoplasty:

    In closed rhinoplasty, also known as endonasal rhinoplasty, the incisions are all made inside the nostrils. In closed type, the nose is not fully opened and the nasal structure is not exposed. The procedure is performed through a narrow opening as all the incisions are made inside the nose with no visible scars so it is the most advisable technique.

    Another reason which makes it most advisable is its recovery time, it tends to heal faster with less swelling.

  • Open rhinoplasty:

    In open rhinoplasty, the incision is made on the inside of the underside of the nose between the nostrils. It gives more coverage to the surgeon.

    The reason why people are afraid of open type is because of scars due to trans-columellar incision but in some cases, the scar heals so well that it becomes virtually invisible. The second disadvantage is that there tends to be more swelling than with close type.

  • Tip rhinoplasty:

    Tip rhinoplasty is a procedure that involves the reshaping of the nose tip. The reshaping of the nose creates a balance between the nose and other features of the nose. This is done for smoothing the bridge of the nose.

  • Filler rhinoplasty:

    It is a non-surgical technique in which injectable filler material is used mainly to correct the shape and appearance of the nose.

    It is also mostly done for some changes and modifications after the surgery. It is not a long-lasting procedure.

How Rhinoplasty is performed?

Rhinoplasty seems like a simple procedure but it is performed with such precision and precautions. Following things are ensured for the surgical procedure;

  • Before the surgery, multiple tests and evaluations are taken to dismiss any doubts and errors. Smokers are asked to quit smoking prior a month before the surgery. The patient is asked to avoid any ongoing medications.
  • Later on, the patient’s face is prepped and clean. Local anesthesia is given to the patient. Incisions are made according to the type of surgery the patient needs. In the case of open type, a small cut will be made on the patient’s columella. Whereas in closed type, the cut is made through the nostrils.
  • After the surgery, the patient is provided with a list of precautions and measures needed to be followed.

Who are the Good Candidates for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is performed with some serious protocols. If you are considering having rhinoplasty, then here is a list of things that can make you the best candidate for the medical procedure;

    • Non-smokers
    • Non-smokers
    • Not suffering from a serious illness

If the above-listed factors are checked, then you are ready to undergo this medical procedure and can truly experience your dream appearance!

Recovery Period and Risks of Rhinoplasty

The result for rhinoplasty will take time from day to month. During the first phase, you will have swelling on the nasal area plus the phase. The breathing issue will resolve after some time and the person is advised to take a rest. After weeks of surgery, stitches are removed by the surgeon but the swelling remains the same.

The change will be visible after 2-3 months. And the inserted material will start appearing at this time period.

After 4 months of surgery, the results will be greatly visible. At this point, breathing will be completely normal and the nose blockage will be removed. In most cases, the recovery period takes about a year.

Following are the risk of rhinoplasty;

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Breathing problem
  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Deformity after surgery requiring another surgery

Hermes Clinic- Beauty with Care & Experience

Rhinoplasty has diversified over the years and nowadays it is not only done for cosmetic purposes but also for medical issues. Hermes with its high standard is a leading medical setup with 24/7 care with an expert and friendly team.

A group of the world’s leading certified doctors is working with Hermes. We are providing a free consultation because patient care and goals are our priority.

Why Choose Us?

Our patients’ experiences and remarks truly dictate the remarkable skills of our doctors. Hermes is immensely trusted by its patients due to the following factors;

  • Prioritize patient satisfaction
  • Online lifetime support
  • Proof of high standard
  • 24/7 patient care
  • Collaborations with world-leading certified doctors
  • Free consultation

Push Down Technique

The experienced doctors that we work with are truly the masters of the famous “Pushdown technique”. This technique leaves no scars and is done in such a delicate yet remarkable manner. The technique is performed by shortening the bone graft of the nose on the bottom side.

This is quite popular as it is a traditional method that is done by one altering the bone cartilage and not touching any other such noose elements.


The stigma around rhinoplasty is LONG GONE due to such great advancements and popularity! If you experience any kind of insecurity due to the shape of your nose, then Hermes Clinic has your BACK!

Hermes Clinics helps you achieve your beauty goals! Thus, boosts your confidence and have a memorable experience of Rhinoplasty.

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