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Who We Are


Short Story About Hermes Clinics Since 1997

Hermes Clinics was founded by doctors. Our founders have achieved many successes in the healthcare industry for 25 years. Our founders, who are highly experienced in international patients, has established and managed the international units of 10 hospitals in the Aegean region. Decided to use this knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry in its own company, Hermes Anonim company was founded 7 years ago. Hermes corporation has so far successfully served thousands of international patients and is a world-renowned company with a leading position in Health Tourism in Turkey.

The success of our company is due to its strong team and the superior experience of our founders. Hermes Anonim Company, which has always been the priority of Health, has always determined its motto on human health and has adopted the appropriate doctor strategy in the appropriate patient. Many doctors and nurses are employed in our team, so that none of our patients waste time in the treatment planning process and the process is planned in the optimum time.

Our company, which is always open, is especially interested in the doctor staff and technological infrastructure of hospitals when making hospital agreements. Our company does not cooperate with any hospital that does not have a set of criteria. With our 25 years of experience in the field of health, we always offer you the best to our valued patients in the most professional way. We provide 24/7 service. At the same time, thanks to our representatives in 17 countries, we continue to provide services to you after the treatment process is over. Every individual who receives service from our institution will have the right to online consultation for life, and will continue to be a part of our family.

Hermes Clinics has served tens of thousands of patients in different branches from many parts of the world. It has agreements with Turkey's leading internationally popular hospitals and award-winning specialist doctors. Thanks to all these, it is the most preferred and Turkey's leading health brand.

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