Team of Doctors

Team of Doctors

Our clinic center offers leading dental treatments in Turkey. Experienced dentists provide a wide range of dental treatments in our modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology. With our friendly and patient-focused team, we are here to give you a healthy and beautiful smile.


Medikal Park (Pendik)Professor Samet Yardımcı


Baypark Hospital Dr. Zafer Cenk Koyuncu


Dr. Fatma Soysuren ClinicDr. Fatma Soysüren


My Nova Dental ClinicsDt. Eda Çeşit


Medikal Park (Bahçelievler)Hasan Alım, M.D


Medikal Park (Bahçelievler)Dr. İsmail Barut


Medikal Park (Bahçelievler)Dr. Beşir Öner


Medikal Park (Bahçelievler)Prof. Dr. Özgür Kemik

Our Contracted Hospitals

Our clinic specializes in weight loss, aesthetic surgeries, dental treatments, and medical interventions in Turkey. With our experienced team of physicians and state-of-the-art facilities, we provide effective and reliable healthcare services, using the latest technology. We are here for a healthy life and the confidence you deserve.

Baypark Hospital

Medicana Ataköy

Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa

Medical Park Pendik

Medical Park Bahçelievler

My Nova Dental Clinic

Dr. Fatma Soysüren Clinic

Galen Hospital

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      Our clinic specializes in weight loss, aesthetic surgeries, dental treatments, and medical interventions in Turkey.

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